Bike-related Theft Sucks

Kevin and I had some of our bicycle accessories and gear stolen today. This is my first experience with bike-related theft and it stinks. We lost our front bike lights, a set of bike gloves, a helmet and our bike tool, all from the “secure” parking garage where we lock our bikes and leave some of our cycling accessories so that we can hop on our bikes and go whenever we need to. Whoever stole our stuff also threw what they didn’t want all over the parking spot that belongs to our bikes.

Our bicycles are our vehicles and it’s frustrating that Kevin won’t be able to ride his until he finds time to buy a new helmet, and neither of us can ride at night until we pick up new bike lights.

Yet we think we’re lucky because at least we still have our bikes. I feel great compassion today for anyone who has ever had the experience of having their bicycle stolen.

5 responses to “Bike-related Theft Sucks

  1. Boo on bike theives! Here’s to wishful hoping that they will benefit more from your things than your loss!

  2. ugh. This makes me sad. I once had a bike light stolen off my bike AS I was riding it.

  3. That sucks. Another warning story to share with your readers…

    I got on the #9 bus at Commercial and Broadway two night ago. Somebody put their bike on the rack in front of the bus then boarded. In that instant, somebody grabbed the bike and took off. The driver yelled something but by the time anybody realized what just happened the thief was gone.

    That’s all it takes – just a couple of seconds when you turn your back in front of a bus.

  4. That story about the theft from the bus rack is crazy scary. I guess we should now lock our bikes to the rack.

    I had my first real mountain bike stolen from our building back in high school. It was behind two car gates, a chain linked fence, and a krypto locked to a solid steel bike rack. They cut through the bike rack. I didn’t bother buying a new bike until 15 years later and made do with beaters.

  5. Bike theft is a really big problem, but interestingly, people that steal bikes are only part of the problem. We are trying to expose a lot of the systemic and structural issues that make bike theft possible in Vancouver in our upcoming web series, To Catch a Bike Thief (

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